Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Kitten TV, Part II

Following up on my interest in more cat-related television, I saw one of my favorite television cats. My humans have been watching Star Trek: Next Generation re-runs on G4 and tonight's episode featured a very fine cat, indeed: Spot.

Once again, I think wikipedia has a very fine write-up, indeed, on Spot. I'm glad I don't have any Klingon catsitters. I prefer feline supplement bagel.

I find it interesting that Star Trek has its own wiki. And better yet, there's a
Spot article. I had forgotten Spot had turned into an iguana at one point. I'm glad I have never turned into an iguana. And, recall that Spot saved the Enterprise?

Spot's gender changed from male to female during an episode in which Spot's pregnancy proved an important plot point. Or perhaps Data never understood feline gender difference previous to that point?

I do prefer for my humans to tell me that I am a good cat and a pretty cat.

I wish one of my humans would write an ode to me. If only one of my humans were a writer, or something.



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