Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Turkish Angoras

I like Wikipedia. (Perhaps it's the side effect of having lived with software developers.)

I think Wikipedia's article on Turkish Angoras is quite good.

The Turkish Angora on that page could be my brother. Except I'm not an "odd-eyed" cat; both of my eyes are blue.

My humans enjoy sweeping up after my shimmery white coat. It's their hobby.

I confess I don't enjoy swimming with my humans. I leave that to my cousins, the Turkish Vans.
(The Turkish Van at the bottom of that page should have submitted his photo to Cats in Sinks.)

Like other Turkish Angoras, I don't like to be held.

The wiki entry says:
Turkish Angoras are also known to run the household by supervising every activity of their owner, and are the only breed of cat known to have a sense of humor.

Do I have a sense of humor?

How do cats display a sense of humor?




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