Monday, November 14, 2005

Faithless Humans


Humans are so unreliable. I should have been suspicious when I saw the big black things that I think make comfortable beds. But I wasn't suspicious. That's the type of cat I am.

When the Nose-Wiping, Kitty Carrier Incarcerator finally came home, I had to play with him a lot.
Humans are so needy that way.

My sitters gave me plenty of treats. And they didn't make me stand up to get them like the N-WKCI does.

My humans did bring home some paper bags for me. When the humans are home, I'm snubbing the bags, though. Because I can.

I was worried that humans wouldn't be able to find their way home. When they got home, they said, "Home is where the cat is."

Maybe I'll go climb in my paper bag now.


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