Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sleep Yoga

My cardboard scratcher makes an excellent bed.

Not that the Humans haven't provided me with beds, including:
1) a fluffy green pillow on the loveseat
2) a fluffy green pillow behind the recliner in the library
3) a multi-level wicker seat (I only sleep in the enclosed area where I can hide)
4) two seat cushions on the dining room chairs
5) the seat cushion on the bench at the foot of their bed
6) the honest to goodness, catnip-enhanced kitty bed under the T.V.
7) the three locations in the closet
* under the clothes hangers, on a towel
* on the lowest shelf
* wherever the sun is shining in
8) the laundry hamper with my peach blanket

My favorite position of the day:
* the fluffy green pillow on the loveseat, my rear paws facing the back cushion, my stomach facing the corner, my fore paws pressed into the arm, my back on the pillow, my tail hanging off the pillow in the same direction as my head



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