Saturday, February 11, 2006

Kitten TV

I've been very busy playing with all the toys I got for Christmas (don't forget; my birthday is in May). I got a tent of my own, a stocking FULL of blue toys that match my eyes, a scratching rug, a little kitty crinkle toy.

I think it's been well-documented that I think the internet is good only for looking for kitty information.

I would be happy to watch cat-oriented TV all the time. I'd like for television producers to be aware they need to create more cat TV. Also, I like to watch infomercials - they don't have to be cat products. I like cleaning infomercials best where the demonstrators move their cleaning products around the screen. Maybe those are best if you've had a little hit or two of 'nip.

Take the link below, but make sure you click the kitty picture first - otherwise you might see some yucky puppies.

Check out this video!


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