Sunday, February 26, 2006

It's Not an Ode

The Primary Human wrote a
haiku for me.


silky, long, white fur
falling like snow on the floor
gathering in drifts

Hm. That's not an ode.

I find it interesting that the Primary Human entitled the poem "spring," and yet the season word (traditional haikus, you may be aware, generally evoke a sense of the time of year) she used was "snow," and, perhaps, "white," both of which woud be indicative of winter. Further, is this poem humorous? If so, it may be a hokku (which, more frequently has a humorous intonation).

Got to go. The Nose-Wiping Kitty Carrier Incarcerator is making crab omelets and I must supervise. Else, he might forget to feed me.



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