Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cats on a Plane!

Forget what you may have heard about Snakes on a Plane (besides, I'm more worried about my Snacks on a Plane--tuna, Pounce treats, grass, hm).

Anyway, I think there's a bigger summer blockbuster coming.

Check this out:

I got to watch the Cats movie yesterday and I thought it was purr-tastic.

You'll never see me on a plane, as I have a distinctive and loud yowl a la: "Whoa! Whoa!" And I don't like turbulence. Being carried into the v-e-t is turbulent enough for me, thanks.

But imagining I were to fly....

Flight Attendant: "Crash, would you like coffee, tea, or milk?"
Crash: "What the devil do you think? I'll take a coffee with creamer, hold the coffee."

"Got milk?"*


* Watch the Cats on a Plane movie!


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