Saturday, August 13, 2005


The humans didn't have anything interesting for breakfast, and lunch didn't seem to be getting off to a promising start.

They cut up an apple and then pulled out this can of something that looked intriguing (anything with requiring a can opener has potential), but when the Nose-Wiping Kitty Carrier Incerator left me have a sniff, I was so disappointed. It looked like tuna, but it smelled like soy. They made sandwiches with the stuff, but I noticed even they scraped it back into the can.

The N-WKCI pulled out a long tin of something. He peeled open the lid and then he put a few bites down on my plate. Fish! And then he poured the liquid out of the tin. Yum! Apparently, I like sardines.

I say No to Tuno, Yes, Yes, Yes to Sardines!

I had to lick my cheeks quite a bit. And then I had to take several naps.



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