Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Semi-Flightless Yellow Rubber Water Fowl

The humans sat in my big drinking dish the other night in the watering room. I'm always quite concerned for them to be sitting there. I know, as a Turkish Angora, I'm supposed to like to swim, but, I am anxious at the edge of the big water dish - but I do find myself walking around the ledge of the big water dish often.

I was captivated by something pink, a cloth, floating on the top of the water. It looked like a little island; I felt an urge to step on it.

Then I noticed something yellow bobbing on the water's surface. It was a type of water fowl. As it floated toward the edge, I put a paw over the edge and smacked the yellow bird. It submerged, but then popped up to the surface. I knocked it a good one and yet it still floated. I tried to claw the bird, but could not get a purchase on its slick surface. I trilled angrily and jumped onto the floor; I couldn't help sulking.

One of the humans put the water fowl on the ledge. I trilled and knocked it twice for good measure and it flew through the air and then plummeted onto the floor. It had no opportunity to hide from me.

One of the humans again returned it to the ledge. I repeated my previous attack on the water fowl.

The results?

Semi-Flightless Yellow Rubber Water Fowl: 0

Crash: 2



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