Monday, July 25, 2005

Finicky Felines

I'm not such a finicky eater. I like my Kit'n'Kaboodle with a sprinkling of Greenies on top. One time, the Primary Human didn't put the Greenies on top and I had to yowl at her until she did. I'm happy with the occasional can of food, too, particularly if I've got post-dental treatment fang discomfort.

If the humans are partaking of water-packed tuna, I'm happy to accept a teaspoon or two - but I find oil-packed tuna unacceptable. I am quite fond of helping myself to the Primary Human's tomato soup, but chicken broth will do in a pinch. I have also helped myself to the Primary Human's lettuce, corn, carrots, and peas. The humans also recently ate some pre-cooked turkey. I don't like warm meat, however.

I consider it quite rude for a human to eat without letting me have a good sniff of what it is they're partaking.

As you can see from my Interests, I like eating grass - I like foot long blades from the field. Unfortunately, the farmer mowed the grass and alfalfa the other day. (On the other hand, following a haying, the birds do fly around the fields more, which is not without interest.)

Here's an interesting article about cat food preferences:
Felines Finicky about Food-

But, no, I'm not at all particular about my food.



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