Sunday, February 26, 2006

Odd-Eyed Model

I like perusing cat products available in pet supply catalogs.

I like the Doctors Foster & Smith catalog because the photographs often feature action shots of cats providing product demonstrations. In some of its cat catalogs, Doctors Foster & Smith provides the name of the cat, which is a charming feature. I noticed in one photo an odd-eyed Turkish Angora named Sasha, who is a 14 pounder. Beautiful, no?

I think they should provide more of their cat models' names. And, I for one, would be interested in following the career of Sasha.

Don't you think I'd make a nice product model?

I could certainly demonstrate just how sleepy I get on high quality pillows.


It's Not an Ode

The Primary Human wrote a
haiku for me.


silky, long, white fur
falling like snow on the floor
gathering in drifts

Hm. That's not an ode.

I find it interesting that the Primary Human entitled the poem "spring," and yet the season word (traditional haikus, you may be aware, generally evoke a sense of the time of year) she used was "snow," and, perhaps, "white," both of which woud be indicative of winter. Further, is this poem humorous? If so, it may be a hokku (which, more frequently has a humorous intonation).

Got to go. The Nose-Wiping Kitty Carrier Incarcerator is making crab omelets and I must supervise. Else, he might forget to feed me.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Kitten TV, Part II

Following up on my interest in more cat-related television, I saw one of my favorite television cats. My humans have been watching Star Trek: Next Generation re-runs on G4 and tonight's episode featured a very fine cat, indeed: Spot.

Once again, I think wikipedia has a very fine write-up, indeed, on Spot. I'm glad I don't have any Klingon catsitters. I prefer feline supplement bagel.

I find it interesting that Star Trek has its own wiki. And better yet, there's a
Spot article. I had forgotten Spot had turned into an iguana at one point. I'm glad I have never turned into an iguana. And, recall that Spot saved the Enterprise?

Spot's gender changed from male to female during an episode in which Spot's pregnancy proved an important plot point. Or perhaps Data never understood feline gender difference previous to that point?

I do prefer for my humans to tell me that I am a good cat and a pretty cat.

I wish one of my humans would write an ode to me. If only one of my humans were a writer, or something.


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Kitten TV

I've been very busy playing with all the toys I got for Christmas (don't forget; my birthday is in May). I got a tent of my own, a stocking FULL of blue toys that match my eyes, a scratching rug, a little kitty crinkle toy.

I think it's been well-documented that I think the internet is good only for looking for kitty information.

I would be happy to watch cat-oriented TV all the time. I'd like for television producers to be aware they need to create more cat TV. Also, I like to watch infomercials - they don't have to be cat products. I like cleaning infomercials best where the demonstrators move their cleaning products around the screen. Maybe those are best if you've had a little hit or two of 'nip.

Take the link below, but make sure you click the kitty picture first - otherwise you might see some yucky puppies.

Check out this video!