Saturday, October 29, 2005

Happy Howloween

Crash wants to wish everyone a Fangtastic Halloween.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Novel Post

Time Magazine has created a list of the 100 best novels since 1923, the year they began publishing.

Here's the list they devised.

The List

Check it out; my namesake is on there.
Snow Crash

The Primary Human has read 10 of the novels. How many have you read?


Sunday, October 16, 2005

Feline Food From Afar

Cousin Ari wrote to me from afar (isn't she pretty?):
"I am not sure I agree with all your tastes in food, but grass is a tasty snack upon occasion. But I would like to suggest one of my favorite treats. When my humans sit on my larger cushions in my bigroom, sometimes they have something rather buttery and I find it my responsibility to check it out and lick it off that crusty thing they put it on. On occasion they leave the main container open on my kitchen counter and I can get a lick or two directly from the source!"

Interesting. I like my cousin's tactic. She's got a good technique that I may have to investigate. Did you notice how innocent, so nonchalant she looks sitting on the dining room table?

I don't find myself liking buttery spreads, but the Kitty Carrier Incarcerator dabbed some on my nose once. I just left it on my nose, walking around so everyone could see the insult I'd endured.

The KCI once dabbed ketchup on my nose. My nose held a pink spot for weeks.

That's the same technique I utilize when they try to dab kitty laxative on my nose. Or, I'll manage to brush it off onto some furniture, one of the humans, etc.


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Turkish Angoras

I like Wikipedia. (Perhaps it's the side effect of having lived with software developers.)

I think Wikipedia's article on Turkish Angoras is quite good.

The Turkish Angora on that page could be my brother. Except I'm not an "odd-eyed" cat; both of my eyes are blue.

My humans enjoy sweeping up after my shimmery white coat. It's their hobby.

I confess I don't enjoy swimming with my humans. I leave that to my cousins, the Turkish Vans.
(The Turkish Van at the bottom of that page should have submitted his photo to Cats in Sinks.)

Like other Turkish Angoras, I don't like to be held.

The wiki entry says:
Turkish Angoras are also known to run the household by supervising every activity of their owner, and are the only breed of cat known to have a sense of humor.

Do I have a sense of humor?

How do cats display a sense of humor?